Semester 2 Finishing

08 July 2017 · 120 words
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Ga kerasa sekarang udah masuk semester 2 tahun 2017. Banyak hal yang terlewatkan dan gue pun hilang kendali terhadap rencana yang gue sudah siapkan di awal tahun. Let’s back on the track!

The General - 2017

  • Finish 20 books
  • Accumulate 300k words
  • Get >= 7.0 IELTS score


  • If there is a distance from A3 to A4, the condition A4 >= 2A3 should be satisfied
  • If you pass these three months, the award is the highest

Advanced DS

  • Big Data: Spark (sparklyr)
  • Machine learning: caret, scikit-learn
  • Deep learning: Keras, TensorFlow
  • Statistics: Bayesian, MCMC
  • Package development: testthat, UseMethod, S3, R6
  • Data Visualization: D3.js, CSS, HTML, JS