Up Your Game

23 April 2017

I never imagine that I am in this kind of present moment where advance technology is already here. In this past 20 years, there are tremendous changes that has happened in this world. It is so fast. The future is therefore full of challenge. What will be happen in 2020? 2025? 2030? 2050? That is a wow to see the technology evolution and the competition is indeed getting tighter than before.

Yes, I need to up myself, up my game and become more awesome.

Per 23 April 2017

What are you doing?

  • Exploring my transportation (GO-JEK) data
  • Exploring human resource data related

What is your next personal project plan?

  • Jakarta criminal spatial data visualization
  • Indonesia telecommunication operators stock price time series data visualization

What data skills do you plan to improve?

  • Spatial visualization
    • Build interactive spatial visualization (animated chloropeth like this one here)
  • Deep learning / NLP
    • Build simple face features extraction (male or female, using glass or not, using hijab or not)
    • Sentiment analysis of Indonesia telecommunication operators
  • Web scraping / Selenium
    • Get flight price data
    • Get KPU data here
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