Building Your Own Personal Analytics from Scratch

04 August 2018
quantified self

Building a personal analytics framework is not that easy. It needs strong commitment and consistency. Started with the easy one, I tracked my spending during college years. I usually dumped the data manually into a sheet. I told my friends about tracking spending data using Monefy easily and after a week, they stopped logging their spending.

Recently, I started to build a better personal analytics framework with more data variety that can answer what, where and whom. Some of my data are manually collected via TapLog. I want to log the data as much as possible with minimum effort. After gathering the data, I will place them all into one place, a database, using PostgreSQL. I use R for ETL, data preprocessing and cleansing (code available here). Finally, I can use the data for visualization and analysis. In the future, I plan to build my life dashboard during my free time.

What I track

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  • Financial
    • Spending · I track food, snack, clothing, movie and other spendings manually via TapLog. I also track with whom I have eaten with and where.
    • Banking · I track banking transaction manually via TapLog and sometimes, get the transactional history from the bank.
  • Transportation
    • Ride-hailing · I get my Gojek trip history from email and dump it automatically to Google Sheets via IFTTT. I get my Grab trip history from here.
    • Public transporation · Everytimes I have a trip using TransJakarta or KRL, I log data when I arrive at the station, depart and arrive at the destination. I also build a logic when I have a transit when using TransJakarta.
    • Others · Flight and other trip data are inputted manually as well.
  • Others (most of them are not in database yet)
    • Text data · Text data that I gather are my journal writing, Twitter and messaging.
    • Call logs · I can get call logs from IFTTT or third-party app inside my phone.
    • E-commerce · I track detail of e-commerce transactions and input them manually into Google Sheets.
    • Sport activity · I track how many push-up, plank and other sport activity manually via TapLog.
    • Health · I just got my health tracker which can track my heart rate, sleep and steps. I still figure out how can I extract them into csv and then dump them into database.
    • Google data · Google know much about us, why don’t we also understand more about ourself better? I download my Google data here such as location, search history, YouTube, etc.

DataGue: compilation of my personal data analysis

Inspiration and Reference

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