My Dream as a Data Guy

23 March 2017

I am very grateful to choose statistics as my next journey at the first place, in 2012. I never prognosticate before that there are very huge opportunities out there in the field of data. The buzz word like data science or big data is a primordial phase of data revolution nowadays.

Do not get too sophisticated as a neophyte. Look and make sense of the data. Explore it. Visualize it. No need to build complex deep learning model directly. It is like what currently I do intensively in 2017 by exploring and analyzing data generated from my life, as my side personal project and also as a place for me to improve my data skills.

I do not want to explicate myself as a data scientist because I think a data scientist is the one who is more focused in building a model. And honestly, I love the phase of data exploration and data visualization rather than data modeling part. I call myself as a data connoisseur or maybe you can call me a data guy, the one who deal with data.

As a data guy, I have some little dreams in the field of data, such as:

  • I want to get a master’s degree in the field of data.
  • I want to be a speaker who give a presentation or talk about data. I also want to become a trainer or teacher who share a bunch of knowledge about data to others.
  • I want to build a smart city in Indonesia. I have a dream to come back to my hometown, Palembang, in the future and dedicate my energy to build a smart city system there.
  • I want to work at a big company and/or become a pioneer of data and lead the data team.
  • I want to build my own smart home with many IoT devices which captures many data that will be used for further analysis.
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