Learning Statistics (Again)

11 June 2017
bayes, stats

I contemplated that I need to learn and re-learn statistics again because after more than one year in workplace, I felt that I do not use much my statistics knowledge. I only use basic statistics like descriptive statistics and exploratory data analysis. However, for pointing in inference statistics, I do not yet use it to support impactful decision making for business. The fact is that I learn so much in computer science side like database and programming but I do not upgrade knowledge in statistics.

In college, I learn classical statistical inference which use MLE to estimate parameters. I get much more interested in Bayesian inference which I do not learn before. For calculation, I can use tools like STAN. I also found out nice statistical open-source tools named JASP.

These source of learning like this can be very useful.

I also have a hope to upgrade my knowledge by pursuing master’s degree in statistics. That’s why I need to have strong foundation of statistics like calculus, linear algebra and probability theory.

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