Hello World!

19 March 2017

Welcome to other medium of my writing!

It is not that simple because officially, today, I have three mediums to write: in Blogger, Medium and now in Github.

To simplify, my Blogger website, emrasy.id will be a place for me to write a long story (typically more than 700 words). The writing frequency is about once a month or once per two months (easier said than be done). In other hand, my Medium will be a place for me to write a short story (typically more than 150 words and less than 500 words), as known as the longer version of my Tweet which can only contains 140 characters. I will spend much time on Medium for reading, not for writing after all.

In addition, I opened my Github website to store my code, my personal and side project, as well as to write about my life in a data science way. I also want to include my R Markdown project here as the part of the website. My Github website is planned to be full in english, different with my Blogger website which mostly covers in Bahasa.

For your information, I start tracking my life more seriously this year, by tracking my spending habit, lunch, as well as transportation and banking history like I have planned on my writing here. With new additional data, I also would like to visualize them into a single framework on this website. Therefore, Github website will be a place for me to share, improve my coding skills and present my masterpiece to others.

My personal projects that I have build and plan to do are:

  • Personal Analytics
    • My Lunch (version 1)
    • GO-JEK: Make me Mobile (not build yet)
    • Look back: My GPA (not build yet)
  • Human Resource Analytics
    • Explore PCPM BI 31 Squad (version 1)
    • Explore PCPM BI 32 Squad (not build yet)
    • Take a Glance at GPTP Telkom Candidate Data (not build yet)
    • LPDP Awardee Data Exploration (not build yet)
    • Get to Know with Nakama Tokopedia (not build yet)
  • Statistika Unpad 2012 / PDM Group
    • Where are My Friends Work? (not build yet)
    • Stat Unpad 2012 Marriage Clairvoyance (not build yet)
    • Visualize PDM (version 1)
    • Visualize PDM Further (not build yet)
    • My Twitter Data and The Other Similar Stuffs (version 1)

Some of them will be included on this website. In some cases, I will just include rendered pages without the .Rmd files and data source.

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