Game of Data: Having fun with Data!

21 May 2017
R, data viz

The game is on! Game of Data! This is very exciting for me to know that there is any data visualization competition in Indonesia. I am very interested in data visualization. For example, Data Gue is one of my medium to show my enthusiasm in data visualization.

The opening game is about playing with Indonesia human development index data. Below are some ideas of mine to extract insights from those data:

  • Spatial data visualization: static or interactive visualization via Leaflet, Highcharts or Carto
  • Linear regression: build simple regression model for each province and investigate the slope coefficients
  • Cluster analysis: combine many variables besides HDI (like education or mortality) and build clusters

As the appetizer, I made a static spatial visualization of Indonesia HDI for year 2015.

Enjoy the game!

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