Full-stack Data Guy

15 February 2018

What is a full-stack data scientist guy?

  • Data Engineering

  • Data Visualization

  • Statistics / Machine Learning

  • Business Understanding

So a full-stack data guy can play in many positions, defender, midfielder and striker. In a data process, data engineer can be assumed as a defender. They make sure that the data is ready, no duplicate found, no missing data, no job failure, etc. They also to make sure that the data is managed and stored perfectly and safely. A data visualization guy or a statistics can play a role as a midfielder, understanding the data structure and model to give a better pass to the striker.

Building a data team

It is important to have a great technical skill in a data team fueled by the curiosity and business problem understanding. Building a data team is like building a football squad consisting of players with diverse roles such as the defender, midfielder and attacker. Individual skills for each member matter. Additionally, team work is also very important to help the team strike the goal and tackle the business problem.

Two years as a workforce and here I am. Learning the business and data from telco and transport industry. Yes, a lot of data that I face. Spatial point data. Data that reflect who we are.

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