First Look at My Transportation Data

14 April 2017
R, data viz, quantified self

This post is related to Data Gue project that I initialize on

Here is my first look at my transportation data. The first idea is that I would like to know what is the distribution of time when I depart from home and arrive to office. The visualization below is made with ggplot2 and hrbrthemes.

I love that visualization. It is minimal, simple and elegant. Unfortunately, I made a mistake because the plot is not appropriate to use. My data is paired between observation and that’s why placing both arrival and departure is not suggested. It can make a confusion since there is an intersection between departure and arrival distribution. The right way is to seperate departure and arrival distribution in different plot.

The other option is using X-Y plot. It is more detailed and I can see the relationship between my arrival and departure time. Here it is.

It is interesting to take a look at my transportation data. I can gain many insights from it. Besides the visualization above, I can build a model which can predict duration of my trip. I also can build a network visualization of departure and arrival place.

You can get the code for the first plot on this link and for the second plot here.

Once, I finalize the html file, I will place it on

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