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05 November 2017
quantified self

Updated at July 2018

I have been running my personal quantified self project for almost one year. My first focus is to gather all possible data. After that, I would like to integrate them all in a single database. Then, I can focus on important metrics, build an alarm, build a screenshot of my life data and have a deeper analysis. I also have a plan to build my dashboard of life to monitor the metrics. Therefore, I am building my own personal data pipeline from A to Z: data preparation, data integration, data visualization and data analysis.

What are the data that I collect?

  • Financial
    • Spending
    • Banking transactions (withdrawal, transfer, top-up)
  • Transportation
    • Gojek
    • Transjakarta
    • KRL
  • Text
    • Twitter
    • Line
    • Telegram
    • Life Architecture Writing
  • Others
    • Call logs
    • Lunch
    • E-commerce
    • Flight history
    • Movies
    • Books
    • Google search
    • Attendance marks

I wonder how can I get other data like e-mail and mobile phone usage/activity.

Data Integration

I should integrate all the data in a single database and create a robust data ingestion scripts which will be executed periodically. The scripts will feed the data into a single database with a proper structure. The database does not only contain my quantified self data but it also contains other data which are unrelated with my data.

The tools that I use for data integration are:

  • Cloud for storage (Dropbox, Onedrive, Google Drive)
  • Database (Google Sheets, PostgreSQL)
  • Data staging and source (Google Sheets, Excel)
  • IFTTT (automation)
  • Scripting and executor (R, Python)
  • Scheduler (Cron, Windows Task Management)

Where are the data sitting?

  • Google Sheets: GO-JEK Receipt (raw), phone log (outgoing calls), phone call log (incoming calls)
  • TapLog: transportation (Transjakarta, KRL), banking transactions
  • Excel: spending, lunch, e-commerce, flight history, movies, books

Reference and Inspiration

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