Hello, I’m Rasyid Ridha.

I am currently working in telecommunication industry as a data guy, mining and gaining interesting insights from the huge amount of data.

Most of my works are done using R with tidyverse philosophy. I do end to end analysis using R for database connection (RJDBC, DBI), data manipulation (dplyr, tidyr), data visualization (ggplot2, leaflet), machine learning (caret) and reporting (R Markdown). I also develop R packages such as:

  • smartr: internal R package that I use for my daily work, similar to Rbnb at Airbnb
  • nusantr: an R package contain many things related to my country, Indonesia.

Let’s discuss interesting things, especially the one that is related to data.

You can share your words on the comment box below or contact me via Email, LinkedIn or Twitter.

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